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Adult behaviour is killing kids sport leaving around 70% of children to stop taking part in organised sport by the age of 13 years old. Our behaviour impacts on the desire of our children to take part in sport. Adults should not live out their sporting dreams through their children, or believe their child’s competition is their competition. It isn’t.


We need to encourage our children to live an active and healthy lifestyle so why can’t we just Let Them Play?


Sport is important. A coach’s role is important to the future development of our kids. A parent’s role is not to be the coach, but to help your kid find their sporting passion.



If we have started to make you think about how to be a great sports parent, here are some books that you might continue to inspire you. Contact us and we can even lend you a copy (free of charge)!

Until it Hurts

The first of Mark Hyman’s two excellent books about American youth sports, this details how parents have pushed their kids to the point that overuse injuries and burnout are rampant in our sports culture.  it is kind of scary, and made me think “Am I doing that to my kids?”

The Most Expensive Game in Town

Hyman’s second book about the rising costs of youth sports, and the adult takeover of our kids games.  This book details the enormous amount of money being made off of youth sports, mainly by perpetuating the myth of numerous scholarships and an easy path to elite performance.  It is quite an eye opener for parents just getting started, as well as for those who have invested thousands of dollars already, and don’t know when it will end.

The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting

The newest book out there on parenting for young athletes.  It is long, but very comprehensive, and covers almost every conceivable scenario.

101 Ways to be a Terrific Sports Parent

Widely regarded as one of the best books out there on sports parenting, these 101 tips make for easy reference and can be a daily reminder of things you can do for your young athletes.


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